This year marks the EEPCo sport club club’s 50 years anniversary held at Kotebe Civil Service Compound on July 7, 2012.To celebrate the accomplishment of 50 years together, the club ?invited members from the Legend players, Great Fans and Officials who contributed in the club’s 50th year history, and childrens of the club’s founder’s and members since 1962.?


With 25 players in the squad, the EEPCoreserve team has had a tremendous season in 2012 competitions.



EEPCo Sport club

To all Ethiopian, congratulation on the Sunday game against the Sudanese national team. We would like to appreciate our team member and also the couch(Ato Sewinoch Bishaw) for the historic achievement they brought after 31 years. And we are also so sure that you will make us proud on African Cup Of nation.

Mr Takele Hayle Meskel

Mr Takele Haylemeskel president of the sport club.